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Thursday, May 18th
8 : 30 pm
20 $

Sala Rossa
4848 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Metro Mont-Royal

Press Release

Festival Accès Asie is proud to present its 4th edition of Golestan. This year’s concert will be a unique musical experience of the sounds from Turkey and Syria. Golestan, meaning “flower garden” in Persian, will feature Syrian oud player, Nazih Borish, and Turkish kanun player, Didem Basar.

While different languages are spoken in Syria and Turkey, these neighboring countries share many cultural elements. Historically, they share the same music modal system as well as many rhythms and melodies. Inspired by ancestral sources, Borish and Basar create their own musical language with instruments of ancient origin. Golestan will be a dialogue of new music created from the two cultures of Turkey and Syria.

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©Didem BasarDidem Basar – Kanun player

Didem Başar was born into a family bred with music. She started studying music at Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory when she was 11 years old. After completing the Conservatory’s Kanun program, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in composition in 1995. She explored the effects of art on society lin a Master’s Degree program on the musical analysis of Mevlevi Music at Marmara University. She gave lectures on Turkish music and kanun playing techniques at Haliç University Turkish music Conservatory and Istanbul University State Conservatory from 2001 until she moved to Canada in 2007. Her relocation to Montreal gave her the opportunity to reinterpret her music in which vividness is the result of the turbulent convergence of manifold cultures flowing from different parts of the world.

©Nathaneil HuardNazih Borish - Oudist

A native of Latakia, Syria, Nazih Borish learned to play the oud from his father at the age of five. As a child prodigy, he gave his first concerts at the age of thirteen in his hometown. A self-taught musician, he mastered the techniques of oud and different styles of music such as Arabic, Turkish, flamenco, and jazz among others. He has performed with major Middle Eastern artists throughout the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Canada and the United States. In 2005, Nazih founded his own school in Latakia and has since trained over 100 students in the practice of oud and improvisation. Since his arrival in Montreal in 2016, he has collaborated with a number of Montreal artists and remains very active on the metropolitan scene.


©Yen-Chao Lin

DIY Haunt

Friday, May 19th
8 pm
Admission free

4001 rue Berri
Metro Sherbrooke

Press Release

Festival Accès Asie, in collaboration with OBORO, is pleased to present DIY Haunt, a performative installation by the artist Yen-Chao Lin.

Created in residence at OBORO’s new media lab, DIY Haunt is inspired by Lin’s childhood experiences in Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s, a period of great political change and rapid economic growth. Martial law, imposed by the government of Taiwan between 1949 and 1987, was eventually lifted leading to the liberalization and democratization of Taiwan.

Part a living tableau of memories and part healing process, DIY Haunt speaks to the social and economic austerity experienced after the Chinese Civil War. This performance installation reflects the different intergenerational experiences of this period which have led to separation, the emergence of boundaries and division.

Yen-Chao Lin uses the capacity to resist as a metaphor for various forms of cultural conditioningt hat have already taken place and that continue to occur in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

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©Olivier LewisYen-Chao Lin – Multidisciplinary Artist

Yen-Chao Lin is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist, self-described postmodern archivist, and a natural history enthusiast. She is an avid collector of found family records and other objects such as Victorian ephemera and biological specimens. As a first generation Taiwanese-born immigrant, her works are often inspired by oral histories and folk religion practices as well as recurring hauntological themes. Lin holds a BFA from Concordia University with a major in film production. Her works have been shown at Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal), Antimatter Media Art (Victoria), Women Make Waves (Taipei), and Festival image contre nature (Marseille) among others. She is currently a core member and programmer for Atelier Céladon. (www.cargocollective.com/psychickeye)

©Concordia UniversityAlice Ming Wai Jim – Curator

Alice Ming Wai Jim is an art historian, curator and co-editor of the of the scholarly journal, Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art History at Concordia University where she teaches contemporary art, media art, ethnocultural and global art history, international art exhibitions and curatorial studies.

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Middle Eastern Dance Competition

Saturday, May 20th
8 pm

Sala Rossa
4848 St. Laurent Boulevard
Metro Mont-Royal

Press Release

Festival Accès Asie proudly presents the fourth edition of its Middle Eastern Dance Competition!

The evening will feature solo performances from candidates selected from the Festival’s call for submissions. Dance performances will be accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of Eastern music. Six Middle Eastern dance styles will be featured: Baladi, Sharqi, Saïdi, Shaabi, Eskandarani Melaya Leff, and Khaliji.

Performances will be judged on a variety of artistic and technical criteria by three internationally renowned professional dancers. Caroline Labrie, our jury member of honour in this competition, will be accompanied by returning jury members, Khadija Jabiry and Pierre Khoury. Bringing her own special touch to the competition, dancer Diane Labelle will host this unique Eastern event in French and English.

The jury will award three prizes to outstanding dancers. In the ever popular Audience Choice Awards, the audience will get to vote for the best solo performances.

But before the prizes are awarded, our feature dance performance will take center stage and get everyone moving. Let the dancing begin!

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©Courtoisie du FAA

Caroline Labrie – Jury of honor

A dance instructor since 1999, Caroline Labrie lives and breathes dance. She is as passionate about dancing as she is about sharing her dance knowledge. For this reason, Labrie established Danse égyptienne des Bois-Francs (2003), a school introducing students to Oriental Sharqui and folkloric dances. An interest in Egypt and Middle Eastern culture grew naturally from an early fascination with history and geography. In 2004, Labrie immersed herself in her art by travelling for the first time to Egypt, the cradle of Eastern dance and land of her ancestral roots.

©Pierre FilteauKhadija Jabiry – Instructor and choreographer

Of Moroccan origin, Khadija Jabiry comes from a family where dance and singing are an important part of everyday life. Early on, Jabiry’s passion for Egyptian dance took her to Egypt where she studied with prominent artists in Eastern dance such as Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy. In 1999, she established the professional dance troupe Baladi et Danses de l’Orient: Tywalline, well-known for its diverse folkloric repertoire. Currently, Jabiry teaches North African dance in workshops in the United States and Canada, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association québécoise de danse orientale (AQDO).

©Courtoisie du FAAPierre Khoury – Dancer, instructor, choreographer

Pierre Khoury has managed to carve a prominent place in the world of oriental dance in Quebec. Winning the talent competition Cégep en spectacles, this dancer of Syrian origin, made his start in classical dance, and then as a professional in dances of the Orient, especially oriental classical and Dabke (Lebanese folklore). He completed his training with his mentor Khadija Jabiry, and continues to perfect himself with great Egyptian masters. In 2011, he created and managed Belly Dance with a Twist, evening shows for which he became the artistic director. Today Pierre is passionately pursuing his work as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, and regularly performs at La Menara Restaurant in the Old Port of Montreal.

©Andrew MacGabhannDiane Labelle – Dancer and instructor

Born in Montreal, Diane began her dance initiation with jazz, classical and modern dance. She undertook her training in oriental dance in 2003. In 2012, she studied with Khadija Jabiry and joined the folkloric troupe Les Tywallines from 2014 to 2015. She participated in many workshops with renowned teachers such as Aziza, Gamila Asfour, Lala Hakim, Amalia Maksoud, Karim Nagi, Ruby Beh, and others. She has danced in several Montreal festivals and Arabian restaurants in the city. Her dance style blends elements of classical and modern dance in fusion with oriental dance. Diane also teaches her passion. (www.labellebaladi.com)

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©Veena Gokhale

Sizzling spices, sacred stories

Sunday, May 21st
3 pm to 5 pm
15 $


MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
3680, rue Jeanne Mance
Metro Place-des-Arts

Press Release

Returning to tantalize our tastebuds, Festival Accès Asie will once again host its popular culinary component.

Let yourself be seduced by this multisensory Indian culinary event. Discover the rich variety of Indian spices as you learn how they are uniquely used in this cuisine. Listen to ancient legends like the story of Annapurna, Hindu goddess of Nourishment. Veena Gokhale creates a warm ambiance with Indian stories, rituals, photos, and music while you learn the secrets of cooking Indian food and taste some delicious morsels as well.

As space is limited – 20 participants maximum – you should reserve your place as soon as possible.

Taste, see, listen, touch, smell and enjoy this fun Indian culinary trip!

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©Marc-Antoine ParentVeena Gokhale – Indian food instructor

Born into a vegetarian family in India, Veena Gokhale is a talented journalist, writer, environmentalist, non-profit professional, and educator who specializes in Indian cooking. Gokhale introduces the world of Indian food and culture to all who wish to discover it. As teacher and storyteller, Gokhale provides a culture rich and friendly ambience at her cooking classes where you get hands-on experience creating easy, healthy, vegetarian dishes that don’t compromise on yumminess. (www.veenago.com/slurrrrp)

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