March 4, 2016 – Mongolian Photography Exhibition

Mongolia, Land of Eternal Blue Sky
Photographs by Bayar Balgantseren (Mongolia)

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Presented by the Embassy of Mongolia to Canada
& Festival Accès Asie

Opening cocktail: Friday, March 4, 2016 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm

Exhibition: March 4 to May 8, 2016

182 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2S5
(St-Laurent metro station)

Free admission

Exhibition visiting hours

The Embassy of Mongolia to Canada and Festival Accès Asie, in collaboration with the Mongolian Canadian Association and Monument-National are pleased to present Mongolia, Land of Eternal Blue Sky, a visual arts exhibition featuring photographic works by artist Bayar Balgantseren (Mongolia). The exhibition will run from March 4th to May 8th, 2016. The public is invited to attend the opening cocktail on Friday, March 4th, 2016, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, showcasing traditional dance by Mongolian children from Montreal, a music performance by Quebecois singer Juulie Rousseau and Mongolian specialities served courtesy of the Mongolian Canadian Association. The event will be officiated by His Excellency, Mr. Radnaabazar Altangerel, the fourth resident Ambassador of Mongolia to Canada.

Curated by Kakim Goh and Catherine LaMendola, with assistance from Elodie Lavergne, Mongolia, Land of Eternal Blue Sky explores Mongolian identity and culture both past and present as exemplified in three perspectives: nature, nomadic life, and the Mongolian city.

Bayar Balgantseren to  is a renowned Mongolian digital photographer, who is interested in the complex, and often contrasting facets of life in his country. The images exhibited in Mongolia, Land of Eternal Blue Sky offer different views of contemporary Mongolia, a country with complex and seemingly contrasting cultures, often thought of as “exotic” by Western viewers. Mongolian identity is explored through images of desolate steppes and bustling cities, featuring scenes of everyday life for both nomadic peoples and urban dwellers. Through his exploration of traditional nomadic culture and contemporary urban development, Balgantseren seeks to capture every facet of life in the beautiful and vast country of Mongolia.

The exhibition will consist of three themes: nature, nomadic life and the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. The images of nature display the country’s diverse landscapes, from the vast steppes to the Gobi desert, and the breathtaking waterfalls of Orkhon. Snapshots of everyday nomadic life and culture reveal people who are deeply connected to their environment, and present their authentic ways of life. Lastly, photographs of Mongolia’s cities present a contemporary country dedicated to development and progress, with deep cultural and historical roots.

For more information, contact:
Curator | Kakim Goh | (514) 270-6913 |
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2015-11-10 B. Bayar_Headshot_JPEG 72 DpiBayar Balgantseren
Artist, Mongolia, Land of Eternal Blue Sky

Photographer Bayar Balgantseren ( currently lives and works in Mongolia. Since 2007, he has been taking photographs that capture scenes of nature, wildlife, landscapes, and images of traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyles. In 2013, he published his first book of photography, entitled Bayar’s Photography Impressions. More recently, his work has been shown internationally at exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan and Ulan-Ude, Russia. In the past four years, his photography has been featured in multiple publications, including National Geographic Travel, Goodali, Mongolian Photo, and Wonderful Life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAH.E. Mr. Radnaabazar Altangerel
Ambassador of Mongolia to Canada

Ambassador Radnaabazar Altangerel was born in Tsetserleg, Mongolia and is the fourth resident Ambassador of Mongolia to Canada ( Previously, he served as Ambassador of Mongolia to France, Spain, Portugal and Monaco and Permanent Delegate of Mongolia to UNESCO. He holds degrees from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Institute of International Studies in Geneva, and École Nationale d’Administration in Paris. In addition, he has worked in various capacities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, serving as the Chief of Diplomatic Protocol and State Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

Mongolia-Canada Bilateral Relations Mongolia and Canada established diplomatic relations on November 30, 1973 and celebrated the 40th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2013. Mongolia first opened its General Consulate in Toronto in 1998. The Embassy of Mongolia to Canada was officially inaugurated in in Ottawa in December 2001. With similar climatic conditions, scarcity of population, abundance of natural and agricultural resources with a high role of these sectors in their economies, our two countries share a wealth of common experiences, enhancing Mongolia and Canada’s friendly cooperation in a number of key areas. There are approximately five thousand three hundred Mongolians living in Canada, including two hundred Mongolians in Montreal.Logo_MAHF_Francais

2016-01-25 Kakim Goh_Cropped Headshot_DSC1329_JPEG 72 Dpi (H 1024)Kakim Goh
Vice President of the Board of Directors

Kakim Goh ( was born in Singapore and lives in Montreal. He is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at Festival Accès Asie, in addition to serving as the Curator of the Visual Arts Program, responsible for organizing visual arts exhibitions, professional development programs and cultural mediation activities. He holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University. As a visual artist who creates interdisciplinary painting, performance and video installations, Kakim has been exhibiting in Mexico and Quebec since 1993, most notably at MAI, the OBORO New Media Laboratory and la Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal.

2016-01-22 Catherine LaMendola_Headshot_DSC1262_JPEG 72 Dpi  (H1024)Catherine LaMendola
Guest Curator

Catherine LaMendola was born in Texas and lives in Montreal. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Art History at McGill University. She is also the co-president of McGill University’s student art gallery and her research focuses on contemporary installation practices and art criticism. She has written and edited for various Montreal publications including The Main and McGill’s journal Canvas. She has served as a curatorial intern at Festival Accès Asie since Spring 2015.

2016-01-22 Elodie Lavergne_Headshot_DSC1257_JPEG 72 Dpi (H 1024)Elodie Lavergne
Event Coordinator

Elodie Lavergne was born in France and lives in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Corporate Development from CNAM Haute-Normandie. In France, she gained marketing and event management experience working for L’Oréal Paris and volunteering at the Fontenay-Sous-Bois City Hall where she organized events, concerts and exhibitions. She is currently specializing in arts and culture by pursuing a Certificate in Animation and Cultural Research at UQAM. She has served as an Event Coordinator at Festival Accès Asie since Fall 2015.

Festival Accès Asie ( is a Montréal-based non-profit organization (NPO) that promotes Asian arts, histories and cultures in Québec and Canada through various artistic disciplines including visual arts, dance, theatre, video, film, music, comedy, poetry, literature, performance, new media and culinary arts. Formed in 1995, Festival Accès Asie is the longest continuously running Asian heritage arts festival in Canada. To date, it has presented works of over 600 artists of Asian origin from more than 20 different Asian countries.


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