March 17


Created in 2012, ResArtE (Réseau des Artistes pour l’Équité) is a network made up of professional arts organizations and institutions who share the common goals of equity and the democratization of culture.


To recognize and foster cultural diversity through the realization and promotion of our respective artistic practices and to achieve equity through institutional change and education.

Launched within the framework of Stand Firm, a capacity building initiative supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, we are a mutually supportive group that encourages peer to peer development practice of culturally diverse artists and organizations.



  • Develop and consolidate the organizational capacity of the members of ResArtE.
  • Act collectively to promote cultural diversity on all fronts in the arts.
  • Consolidate the ResArtE network with the aim of advancing, strengthening and expanding our links, collaboration and exchanges with other artistic and cultural organizations, institutions and communities.


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