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Opening Cocktail

Thursday, April 30th
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

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We are pleased to invite you to the digital opening cocktail of the alternative 25th Festival Accès Asie edition, which will take place on Thursday April 30, 2020 from 5:30 p.m. on Zoom teleconference platform.

Khosro Berahmandi will be opening the evening with a few words of introduction, then the hosts Himmat Shinhat and Sue Wang will take over. For approximately 1 hour, you will attend the artistic performances of Marina Salonga, Geneviève Pm Roy, Laurence Ly, Azalia Kaviani, Misheel Ganbold, Jasmine Xu, Aditya Verma and Chittakone Baccam. They will share their work via audio and / or video track. On the menu: dance, music, circus and video ... all of this within a two meters distance!

Following the cancellation of the physical edition of Festival Accès Asie 2020, it was important for us not to give up everything and find a way to celebrate, even symbolically our 25th anniversary. This alternative digital edition is therefore a part of the result of our the past few months hard work, a proof of our hope for the future and a concrete action to improve our present situation.

We invite you to celebrate in the comfort of your house, but still best dressed (or wearing your best pajamas), to pop the bottle and to feel yourself. We are preparing a humble and cosy evening, where impossible gatherings will be possible and where arts and artists of Asian origin will be in the spotlight!


Kick Start

May, Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd

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The KickStart Festival of CanAsian Dance, in collaboration with Tangente, is a contest that aims to inspire Canadian choreographers to design and present a short work that illustrates a new direction or a constructive change in their approach to choreography.

Festival Accès Asie took the initiative to get in touch with the programmed artists in order to offer an alternative online version of their planned events such as the 2020 KickStart Festival.

Choreographers from the KickStart 2020 Festival's initial program, Charo Foo Tai Wei, Andrea Nann, Winnie Ho and Deepti Gupta, will share a piece of their work with us.

May, Friday 1 - 5pm
Andrea Nann and the Dreamwalker Dance Company - All of our dreaming

Premiere performance on April 2019 at Grace Toronto Church
"I’ve been considering the questions that we asked last year when we were creating our programm All of our dreaming, the possibility that, perhaps, we are all being dreamed by the geography of the place where we find ourselves. And we took that idea and we created a show and that’s why I wanted to share. […] This year as I seated in my room I contemplate space in a very different way but I asked that same question."

May, Saturday 2 - 5pm
Deepti Gupta - The Merchant and the Parrot

Performance recorded at Centrepointe Studio Theatre
Based on the poetry of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi (Language: Persian)
Dance and Choreography - Deepti Gupta | Music and vocals - S. Mushfiq Hashimi | Narration - Lola Ryan | Tabla - Ashok Dutta | Dilruba - Sach Dhanjal

May, Sunday 3 - 5pm
Charo Foo Tai Wei - The Journey

"It’s a context focused on explorations of different facets of immigration – psychological, political, cultural, spiritual. No matter how much obstacles or difficulties we’re facing now, there’s always a light guiding us out from the dark. May everyone be well, happy , creative and peaceful. Stay safe"

A dance performance extract from:
Event - Exit/Entry: Performing Immigration
Choreographer/Performer: Charo Foo Tai Wei | Sound designer: David Blouin
Performance space: studio D325

Winnie Ho - aWokening (work in progress)

This is a work in progress documentation at Tangent as part of Studio 303’s Queer Camp Residency.
"aWokening is about mending my estranged and distant relationship to my birthplace Hong Kong and moving through my struggles and limitations of my Chinese diaspora by attempting to relate and embody the cooking wok."
Videographer: Noël Vézina | Performer: Winnie Ho | Dramaturg: Hanako Hoshimi-Caines


Cycles of light

Saturday, May 2

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The universe is expressed in cycles: the movements of the planets, the rotation of the earth, the comings and goings of the seasons, the cycles of darkness and light, life and death, the end and the beginnings. For the 25th anniversary of the Festival Accès Asie, we are closing the circle: we are completing a cycle by inviting artists from the very first festival (1995).

This alternative edition is bringing together video extract of performances from Atif Siddiqi, Himmat Singh Shinhat and Janet Lumb.

Atif Siddiqi - Tunnel of Light & New light

Atif Siddiqi studied fashion design in Los Angeles and video production/performance in Montreal where they live currently. Their work revolves around gender identity, ecology, justice, notions of personal transformation and metamorphosis by incorporating elements of symbolism and iconography. Their artistic body of work includes the long form experimental documentaries, Solo (winner best documentary) and M! Mom, Madonna and Me. Audio recordings of Amethyst’s Universe, Firefly, Tranie Tronic and Say. Various other short form videos like Unique Mythology, Erotic, Exotic, and performances of Alienation are also part of their portfolio.

Himmat Singh Shinhat & Janet Lumb - A Walk on the Beach

This video features a duo performance by Janet Lumb and Himmat Singh Shinhat, co-founders of the Festival Accès-Asie, at a Mother's Day event organized by the Quebec Movement for Peace and Artists for Peace. A spoken word piece, "A Walk on the Beach", is followed by a musical performance, "Prayer for Peace".

Janet Lumb is a 3rd generation Chinese Canadian musician, artist, punk, and community activist. Her Canadian born Chinese mother lost her citizenship when she married her father and both her parents and grandfather had to each pay Canada's racist Chinese head tax. She was volunteer artist director of Accès Asie for 18 years and fortunate to earn her living co-writing, playing 50 music scores for documentaries & films. She fights for universal human rights and for inclusive representation of race, color, beliefs, gender and sexual orientation locally, nationally and internationally.

Himmat Singh Shinhat is a composer, a professional musician and an interdisciplinary artist. His compositions have been used in solo performances, soundtracks for theatre, film, contemporary dance and performance art. They are contemporary musical pieces that constitute a fusion of his influences and the tensions between them. His work is informed by his education in western classical music; the Sikh religious music, Bollywood soundtracks, Indian classical and folk musics that would play in his childhood home; and contemporary popular musics.

Himmat Singh Shinhat - Fire

This video features a solo performance by Himmat Singh Shinhat in which he presents an updated version of the musical composition he performed at the very first edition of the festival in 1995. This performance is an excerpt from a solo show that Himmat presented at the Centre Culturel et Communautaire Henri-Lemieux in November 2017.

Himmat is presently working on the creation and development of a multidisciplinary performance entitled PANJ to be presented at next year’s edition of the festival at Montreal Arts Interculturels. Himmat is a co-founder of the Festival Accès-Asie and performed at the very first edition of the festival in 1995. He is a member of the board for the festival and also sits on the board of Montreal Arts Interculturels (MAI).

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Crédit Benoite Fanton

Sans Paroles ( Wordless)

Saturday, May 9

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The Sans Paroles duo stages a duel between two universes articulated by two types of languages, in search of a rare space of expression. Vehicles of matter to think, to feel, the music embodied by the saxophonist and the movement embodied by dance tell us of the difficulty of living together in a limited space, like the urban environment where the private sphere is fast overgrown and where places are scarce. This duo illustrates the pitfalls of cohabitation where each movement too many can lead to estrangement. Sometimes somnambulist, sometimes feline, suspending, surprising and floating Laos promises to win its duel against gravity and to gain scenic space.

This duo received the support of the IADU, the CCN Créteil and the Jean Vilar Suresnes Theater. It was presented at the Total Session Festival 2010, Festival Kalypso 2013, at Faces du Monde in 2014, At the festival Cergy Soit 2013, At the Manufacture 111 in 2015, At the Festival Mouvement Contemporain 2015, and at the Festival Suresnes Cité Danses 2016.

Choreographer and performer David Laos Phiphak
Saxophonist and performer Kevin Théagène


Natsuki Hiratsuka & Park Sounds

Sunday, May 10

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Natsuki Hiratsuka, pianist will take advantage of the circumstances to share with us 2 pieces. She will play a duet with her mother, who lives in Boston. She will also share a short moment of the concert with her husband given in September 2019.

The Montreal duo Park Sounds will present the piece Tagh to Crucifixion by Tigran Mansurian. Essentially an arrangement of a traditional Armenian sacred song, this work is a sincere encounter between contemporary art and popular tradition. Written for the Armenian-American violinist Kim Kashkashian and the percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky, it is the first in the Mansurian collection of pieces for viola and percussion, entitled Lied und Gebilde, whose style varies from traditional transcriptions to contemporary compositions

Park Sounds
Kreuzigungstagh / Tagh to Crucifixion

Écrit par Tigran Mansurian (Arménie, 1998) | Joué par Park Sounds (Jennifer Thiessen, alto / Ben Reimer, percussions)
Premier concert du programme Root Systems
Musée canadien des droits de la personne, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Produit par GroundSwell et Park Sounds, avec le soutien du Conseil des Arts du Canada. Octobre 2019

Natsuki Hiratsuka and guests
Dance Suite for Two Pianos

Music by Roh Ogura (1916-1990) | Performed by Hisako Hiratsuka and Natsuki Hiratsuka (mother, Boston, US and daughter, Montreal, QC)

Roh Ogura was a Japanese composer, artist and writer from Kamakura, Japan, whom Hisako worked with, and very much loved and respected.

Herio Bichebo from "Earth, This is Your Son"

Music by Giya Kancheli (1935-2019) | Performed by Frédéric Bednarz, violin and Natsuki Hiratsuka, piano | Written for the 1980 Georgian film “Earth, This is Your Son” directed by Revaz Chkheidze

Giya Kancheli was a prominent Georgian composer and one of the most respected musical figures of his generation.  Throughout his life, he also wrote extensively for films and the theater in his native Georgia.
“Music, like life itself, is inconceivable without romanticism.  Romanticism is a high dream of the past, present, and future - a force of invincible beauty which towers above, and conquers, the forces of ignorances, bigotry, violence, and evil.” - Giya Kancheli

PERFORMING ARTSCrédit : Jules Bédard


Thursday, May 14

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The Théâtre Everest offers an extract from Bâtardes adapted in radio theater.

Bâtardes is the first creation of the Théâtre Everest company co-founded by the Barshee sisters.

Born of a Tibetan father and a Quebec mother, Chloé and Jade Barshee compose a touching theatrical work of self-fiction, in search of their own identity. The two sisters with asian look and Quebecois talk tell the plight of people of mixed origins while trying to answer the last question: Where are you from? A quest for identity that finds its meaning in memories of childhood and the family.

In a poignant show of authenticity, combining anecdotes, poetic monologues and videographic archives, Bâtardes immerses you in a theatrical universe where reality and imagination merge.

Visit the Théâtre Everest website to read the podcast


Texte : Jade Barshee | Mise en scène : Chloé et Jade Barshee | Interprétation : Chloé Barshee, Jade Barshee, Mathieu Beauséjour | Assistance à la mise en scène : Patrick R. Lacharité | Conseiller dramaturgique : Pascal Brullemans | Conseiller artistique : Philippe Cyr | Conception décor : Sarah-Jeanne Doré | Conception costume : Jonathan Léo Saucier | Conception éclairage et vidéo : William Couture | Conception son : Ariane Lamarre


Musical experiments

Friday, May 15 

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Gabriel Dharmoo, Mili Hong et Rouzbeh Shadpey, three emerging sound artists, each take you in their musical universe through videos of their previous work.

Composer, vocalist, improviser and researcher, Gabriel Dharmoo has a flowing musical style drawing on tradition and innovation.

Mili Hong is a Korean drummer who has played in various ensembles (big bands and small combos), which has allowed her to explore many styles.

Rouzbeh Shadpey is a sound artist whose diversified practice includes composition, performance and installations.

Friday, May 15 – 5pm
Gabriel Dharmoo – Vai Irandu

Composed after Gabriel’s first trip to Chennai, which was dedicated to learning Carnatic music. Overtly inspired by melodic and rhythmical fragments from this South Indian classical music. He adapted the piece from the angle of fake culture by integrating it as the opening of my solo show Anthropologies imaginaires — labeled as a Ruonshtan invocation prayer in that context. Meeting Priya Shah in 2017, a singer interested in Hindustani, Carnatic, jazz and improvised music amongst others, sparked the idea of singing Vaai Irandu as a duet for vocalists with timbres closer to the source of inspiration

Composition: Gabriel Dharmoo (2009, rev. 2019)
Performance: Gabriel Dharmoo, Priya Shah, Phth
Live at Amphithéâtre due Gesù, March 13, 2019

Friday, May 15 – 5pm
Mili Hong – Experior

Improvisation by Mili Hong which was recorded on 2019/10/05. Experior is a concert series curated by Victor Burton.

Friday, May 15 – 5pm
Rouzbeh Shadpey– The voice, suspended between us

This Voice, Suspended Between Us from Rouzbeh Shadpey on Vimeo.

"This Voice, Suspended Between Us" is an octaphonic performance piece which seeks to deconstruct the anthropocentric narrative of the voice through the exploration of post-human & nonhuman voices :What if there was such thing as a non-human voice and how would are experience of the world differ if we acknowledged them as such ?
Such reflections consists an urgent exercise in detuning our ears from our culturally selective understanding of the voice in order to end the silencing of voices deemed heretic or non-worthy of such, whether human or not.

Performance taken place December 2018 at Concordia University.
Sound and performance by Rouzbeh Shadpey
Video and editing by Emma Forgue


Visages du Cap Breton (Faces of Cap Breton)

Opening of the virtual gallery
Sunday, May 17

 Facebook Event

Visit Benoît Fry's website to see the exhibition


Visages du Cap Breton is a photo exhibition by  Ben Fry  Kyra Shaughnessy which explores questions of cultural identity as well as the role of art in creating links between peoples through a series of portraits and discussions with individuals of diverse heritage. The series of photos taken with a Hasselblad film camera demonstrates the richness of the distinct and vibrant cultures that coexist on Cape Breton Island and invites us to take a look at our shared humanity.


Crédit: Tanissa Ottawa et Ben Fry

Kyra Shaughnessy et Sakay Ottawa

Thursday, May 21

Facebook Event

Come and attend a musical evening in harmony, in the company of Kyra Shaughnessy et Sakay Ottawa, two artists with a unique breath who unite to sing their common philosophy to you.

They will share with you their humanist texts in Atikamekw, French, English and Irish Gaelic constituting a concrete example of the beauty and the complicity that can arise from the meeting of cultures.

Sakay and Kyra got to know each other in Manawan during a project organized by Partners for Peace, the aim of which is to create bridges between Aboriginal and Quebec communities.

Kyra Shaughnessy

Kyra Shaughnessy is best known for her career as a singer-songwriter, with five albums and tours across Canada and Europe to her name. Several years of collaboration with artists of both First Nations and displaced/immigrant heritage, as well as a deepening understanding of her own background (mixed Trinidadian-Indian-Scottish-Irish-English, born and raised bilingually in Quebec) have led to a specific interest in the connection between Celtic and First Nations peoples.

Sakay Ottawa

Sakay Ottawa (pronounced Sagui) has been a singer-songwriter for more than 20 years. Of Atikamekw origin, one of the ten First Nations in Quebec, Sakay is a native of Manawan in the Laurentians region where he lives with his family. Sakay aspires to make his nation and culture known throughout Quebec to build bridges between the old and new worlds. His songs, in the Atikamekw language, plunge us into a world of humanity and spirituality where nature, people, and traditions are one.



Friday, May 22 - 8PM to 10PM (Live Facebook)

Facebook Event

LayLit is an electro event held in New York that celebrates the musical diversity of the countries located in Middle East and North Africa and their diasporas.

Inspired on repertoires from the 1950s to nowadays, each event is a journey among musical genres, which highlights the incredible diversity, depth and richness of the regions it celebrates.

Unable to travel on Montreal soil, the DJs invite you to a 2-hour live on LayLit Facebook  for an inclusive dancing evening in your living room, advocating unity between cultures, languages, dialects, religions, identities and orientations sexual


Crédit : Jatin Campani

Dr. L. Subramaniam
In collaboration with le Centre Kabir

Saturday, May 23th - 5PM
Facebook event

“L. Subramaniam is the best this listener has heard…” – The New York Times

“The God of Indian Violin” – Times of India, Mumbai

“Each time I listen to him, I am carried away in wonderment ” – Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Festival Accès Asie, in collaboration with Kabir Centre invites you to discover Carnatic music, a traditional music of South of India with the artist Dr. L. Subramaniam.
This accomplished virtuoso violinist and revolutionary musician will take you on a journey through the history of this music and its different forms, between improvisation and poetic homage through an exceptional video where h
e will be joined by the percussionist Palghat Sajiv, mridangam player.


Tea Ceremony

Sunday, May 24 

 Facebook Event

Guru Teas and Festival Accès Asie invite you virtually to a traditional tea ceremony, given by Tea Master Han Le.



Saturday, May 30

Facebook Event

The Mosaique group will share with you extracts from their past concerts through a video testifying to their repertoire fusing music from different cultures and various influences from East, Africa and West, passing through folk music from Bengal. and the rhythms of Persian culture.

The Mosaïque group is composed of d'Élyse Bergeron (voice,ukulélé), Jean-François Sauriol (cello, guitar, mandoline, voice), Jayanta Guha (percussions), Khosrow Maghsoudi (tar, kamancheh, voix), Marisol Josée (accordion, flute, voice, percussions), Pascal Bouchard (percussions, flute, didgeridoo, voice) and Raja Bhattacharya (sarod), guest artist.

"Following the cancellation of our concert at the Maison de la Culture, Ahuntsic, on May 30, 2020 as part of the Festival Accès Asie, the organizers of the Festival asked us to send them excerpts from our concerts. This in view of the transmission via their website, a Digital Festival which will take place throughout the month of May. Our video will be shown on May 30. However, we didn't want to keep friends of Mosaïque waiting, so here is the video. Please note that the choice of excerpts was made mainly according to the scope of the festival which highlights the cultural link with the countries of Asia."

Based on a poem by Jayanta Guha, “Post Covid-19”, Surojit, Mosaïque and family, has nearly completed a video-clip of a song entitled, “To Build a Better World”. The music is composed and arranged by Surojit and rendered by 23 musicians and singers and a dancer from Saguenay, St-Rose-du-Nord, Alma, Victoriaville, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Canmore (B.C) and Kolkata-India. The video will be released shortly. The video is being edited by Michel Boissonneault of Roberval. Mosaïque is also completing a video-clip through distance – an instrumental piece entitled “Confinement” with 8 musicians from 5 different towns.


PAMANA Ng LuzViMinda
Giri Kedaton

Sunday, May 31

 Facebook Event

To close this virtual festival, we will share with you a video of the dancers of the company PAMANA Ng LuzViMinda   who will perform extracts from their repertoire of folk dances from the Philippines, dressed in authentic traditional costumes.

The Giri Kedaton ensemble will offer us the exclusive diffusion of one of their concert celebrating the 25th anniversary, Music and dance of North Bali presented on December 19, 2019 at the Salle Claude-Champagne, under the shared direction of I Dewa Made Suparta, I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara and Pierre Paré -Blais.
Photo / video credits: Cameras: Emilie Payeur, Audio: Vincent Fillion, Editing: Pierre Paré-Blais


Giri Kedaton