Week 1


Opening Cocktail

Thursday, April 30th
5:30 pm to 8 pm 

Free entrance - Only by reservation

Conseil des arts de Montréal
1210, Sherbrooke Est Street
Sherbrooke Metro

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Festival Accès Asie celebrates its 25th edition from April 30 to May 31, 2020 by inviting Montrealers to come out and celebrate the arts and Asian culture!

The Festival will be officially launched by our special guest of honor Alanis Obomsawin during the inauguration cocktail where circus entertainment (Ryunosuke Yamazuni, Marina Salonga and Genevieve PM Roy), delicious appetizers, tea tasting, and artistic performances will flow over the course of the evening.

Part of the evening’s festivities will be the opening of the first solo exhibition The Nocturnes by the visual artist and dancer Azalia Kaviani. Azalia will also perform a dance duet with choreographer Irem Bekter.

For music, you will be treated to a performance by Aditya Verma and Subir Dev on the sarod and the tabla and a few pieces from Jasmine Xu on the erhu. As well, Hazy Montagne Mystique, Chittakone Baccam's exploratory project, will warm up the soundscape throughout the evening, accompanied by visual and sound artist Claire Lunaire.

Happy Festival to everyone!

Guest of honor : Alanis Obomsawin | Artists : Azalia Kaviani, Irem Bekter, Ryunosuke Yamazuni, Marina Salonga, Genevieve PM Roy, Aditya Verma, Subir Dev, Jasmine Xu, Chittakone Baccam, Claire Lunaire | Technical director : Raphaël Dalahaye

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Les Nocturnes

presented in collaboration with Conseil des arts de Montréal and Montréal, arts interculturels

From Thursday, April 30th to Friday, May 29th
From Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Free entrance

Conseil des arts de Montréal
1200, Sherbrooke Est Street
Sherbrooke Metro

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The Nocturnes is the first solo exhibition by Azalia Kaviani, a visual artist and dancer of Iranian origin living with cerebral palsy.

Organized by curator Kakim Goh, The Nocturnes explores the imagination of Azalia Kaviani. Through her work, the artist stages water, trees, gardens, flowers, animals, and insects to create a world where dreams and angelic desires meet.

This exhibition is the result of an intensive year of work in the ABILITIES Project, a project based on inclusive practices developed by Festival Accès Asie with the purpose of providing Azalia with professional development and accommodation so that she could achieve her artistic and professional goals.

In addition to the artwork, you will be able to view a short documentary film directed by Laurence Ly, which captures the progress of the ABILITIES Project and Azalia’s unique creative process.

Artist : Azalia Kaviani | Curator : Kakim Goh | Director : Laurence Ly

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Kick Start
Presented in collaboration with CanAsian Dance and Tangente

 Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd
Sunday, May 3rd

$ 21 / 29

 TANGENTE - Edifice Elder
1435 de Bleury Street
Metro Place des Arts

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KickStart Festival by CanAsian Dance is a contest that encourages Canadian Asian choreographers to develop and present a short work that offers a new direction or a constructive change in their approach to choreography. KickStart 2020 presents two choreographers from Ontario and two from Quebec.

Choreographer and performer Andrea Nann presents Firehorse and Shadow, a work that explores the meaning of her Chinese astrological sign, the firehorse, a rare sign deemed undesirable for women in China.

Jin Gu Bang (The Golden Stick Ritual), from performer and choreographer Charo Foo Tai Wei, brings together buried languages ​​that have tugged at her for a long time: on the one hand, shēn yùn - rational; and on the other, butoh.

In Self-Portraits with Amrita, choreographer Deepti Gupta invites her performers – Sukriti Sharma, Neetika Sharma and herself – to use their body memory to talk about their history through the exploration of self-portraits by the painter Amrita Sher-Gil.

Finally, Winnie Ho, choreographer and performer, presents aWokening, a piece that explores a traditional Chinese cooking instrument – the wok.


Firehorse and Shadow – Dancer & Choreographer: Andrea Nann | Shadow artist & Performer: Annie Katsura Rollins | Creative consultant: Sarah Chase | Playwright: Cindy Mochizuki
Jin Gu Bang (The Golden Stick Ritual) – Dancer & Choreographer: Charo Foo Tai Wei| Playwright: Dulcinea Langfelder | Sound Designer: David Blouin | Lightning designer: Isabelle Garceau | Costumes: Julie Pichette
Self-Portraits with Amrita – Dancer & Choreographer: Deepti Gupta | Dancers: Sukriti Sharma, Neetika Sharma | Vocals & Spoken word: Sheniz Jammohamed | Mentor: Peter Chin
aWokening – Dancer & Choreographer: Winnie Ho

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Cycles of light

Saturday, May 2nd
Opening at 8pm

$ 10

Sala Rossa
4848 St-Laurent boul.
Laurier Metro

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Cycles of Light is a cabaret night that brings together the renewed energy and renewed light, connecting artists through generations, ages, genders, sexualities, and points of belonging across Asia. This cabaret is a rendez-vous with the past, the present, and the future; it is an ending and a new beginning.

The universe expresses itself in cycles: the movements of the planets, the rotation of the earth, the coming and going of seasons, the cycles of darkness and light, life and death, endings and beginnings. For the 25th anniversary of Festival Accès Asie, we come full-circle: we are completing a cycle by inviting artists from the very first cabaret of the Festival to share a stage with artists from the last cabaret of the Festival.

Curated and hosted by the inter-generational duo, Himmat Singh Shinhat and Kama La Mackerel, Cycles of Light will feature The Balcony, Laila Gulabi, Shin Ling, Janet Lumb, and Atif Siddiqi.

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