Week 3


Crédit : Jules Bédard

Présented in collaboration with MAI ( Montréal, Arts Interculturels)


Thursday, May 14th


MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
3680,  Jeanne Mance Street
Place-des-Arts Metro

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First presented in March 2018 at MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels) and on tour at local cultural centers (les maisons de la culture) in Montreal and surrounding areas, we are pleased to announce the theatrical production, Bâtardes, is now part of this year’s Festival Accès Asie.

Bâtardes is the first creation of Théâtre Everest, a company co-founded by the Barshee sisters, two sisters with an Asian look and a Quebecois way of speaking, talking about the plight of people of mixed origin. They try to answer the eternal question: Where are you from? A quest for identity that finds its meaning in childhood and family memories.

Born of a Tibetan father and a Quebecois mother, Chloé and Jade Barshee compose, with Bâtardes, a touching theatrical work of self-fiction in search of their own identity. In a poignant show of authenticity, combining anecdotes, poetic monologues, and videographic archives, Bâtardes immerses you in a theatrical universe where reality and imagination merge.


Script : Jade Barshee | Staging : Chloé et Jade Barshee | Actors : Chloé Barshee, Jade Barshee, Mathieu Beauséjour | Staging assistance : Patrick R. Lacharité | Playwright advisor : Pascal Brullemans | Artistic advisor : Philippe Cyr | Set conception : Sarah-Jeanne Doré | Costume conception : Jonathan Léo Saucier | Lighting and Video conception : William Couture | Sound conception : Ariane Lamarre

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Rituels Spéculatifs

Friday, May 15th - 9pm
Opening at 8pm


Sala Rossa
4848, Saint Laurent Boulevard
Laurier Metro

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Gabriel Dharmoo,Mili Hong, and Rouzbeh Shadpey, three emerging sound artists, lead a series of rituals from their cultural imaginations for a promising new musical performance: Rituels spéculatifs (Speculative Rituals).

Composer, vocalist, improviser, and researcher Gabriel Dharmoo has a musical style that encourages fluidity between tradition and innovation.

Mili Hong is a drummer of Korean origin who has played in various ensembles (big band and small combos) which has allowed her to explore many styles.

Rouzbeh Shadpey is a sound artist whose diverse practice includes composition, performance, and installation.

Combining their sound languages, these three artists open up an experiential, poetic, and sensory space for voice, drums, and electronics.

Artists : Gabriel Dharmoo, Mili Hong, Rouzbeh Shadpey

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Crédit : Laura Criollo Carillo

Approchez, je vous raconterai ce que j'ai oublié
Presented in collaboration with OBORO

Saturday, May 16th

Free entrance

4001, Berri Street
Métro Sherbrooke

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In this participative performance, An-Laurence Higgins tells us stories of her adoption, from her birth in China to her arrival in Quebec. The performance personifies a collective memory belonging to those adopted in China under the family planning policy, better known in the West as the one-child policy.

In a room filled with artifacts from this collective memory, the public can meet the artist, seated at a table in the center of the room, and listen to her stories. Through media creation and direct contact with the public, An-Laurence seeks to solubilize her current identity with her forgotten past. A delicate and modern reflection emerges of the complex identities of adopted people.

Artist : An-Laurence Higgins

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Visages de Cap Breton

Exhibition opening: Sunday, May 17th from 2pm to 6pm
Exhibition: from May, 17th to May, 30th
From Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
On Saturday: 12 to 6pm

Free entrance

Studio Caravane
6262 St-Hubert Street
Metro Beaubien

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Visages du Cap Breton (Faces of Cape Breton) is a photo exhibition from Ben Fry and Kyra Shaughnessy that explores questions of cultural identity and the role of art in cross-cultural peacemaking through a series of black and white film portraits and discussions with individuals of diverse heritage across the island of Cape Breton. The photographs taken with a Hasselblad film camera demonstrates the incredible wealth of distinct and vibrant cultures that coexist on Cape Breton Island to offer a look at our shared humanity.

Writer : Kyra Shaughnessy | Photographer : Benoît Fry

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