Amour et amitié: des récits qui nous unissent

Festival Accès Asie is very happy to present Amour et amitié: des récits qui nous unissent, a program of 15 short films produced by Wapikoni Mobile. This evening of films is presented as part of the Voix des cercles section, which is dedicated to bringing Asian and Indigenous communities together.

edition 2021
Amour et amitié: des récits qui nous unissent
May 20 — 7:30pm
Free - Online


From Manawan to Wemotaci, from Stoney and Thunder Bay, we invite you to delve into these stories told by Indigenous creators, recounting their realities, experiences, and visions of love and friendship.

Through these unique stories, discover what unites all peoples, nations, and generations: love and friendship. Whether these feelings are expressed in filial, conjugal, friend, and Mother Earth relations or towards oneself, they make their way into the hearts of audiences. Even more current than ever, their messages, delivered through these short works, are filled with authenticity, knowledge, identity, and mutual respect.

Whether love or friendship is shared through work, in the customs between elder couples, or rendered sublime during a trip to Africa between two teenage girls, the strength of these feelings transcends the screen; indifference dissolves. Appreciate their points of view and sensitive realizations illustrating these universal values.

Comfort guaranteed.

A discussion with Sakay Ottawa will follow the screening.

The program will be broadcast online and live on Thursday, May 20, 7:30 p.m.. With a ticket, you will be able to watch the screening and participate to the discussion. The films will be available for the next 24 hours.

Multilingual event.



AITUN (COUTUMES) | Unamen Shipu | Kevin Bellefleur | Innu

ATCOKOC | Manawan | Jordan Petiquay | Atikamekw

MIRERIMOWIN (LE BONHEUR) | Manawan | Eden Moar-Quitich | Atikamekw

I’M STILL FALLING | Listuguj | Melissa Girvan | Mi’gmaq

LA LIBÉRATION DU COEUR | Wemotaci | Steven Chilton | Atikamekw

BEYOND CANADA | Chisasibi | Angeline Snowboy, Luna Pérusse-Pelchat | Cri

NIISH MANIDOOWAG (TWO-SPIRITED BEINGS | LES BISPIRITUEL.LES) | Wikwemikong | Debbie S. Mishibinijima | Anishnabe

LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE | Vancouver | Quanah Style | Saulteaux et Cri

LOVE, HONESTY AND RESPECT | Stoney | Chiniki College | Nakoda

MAMU KA TAIAK | Nutashkuan | Matt Kanikuen, Napess Ishpatao | Innu

NITAHKÔTÂN (I HAVE ARRIVED) | Montréal | Moe Clark | Metis

NEKA (MAMAN) | Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam | Nemnemiss McKenzie | Innu

KNOW YOURSELF | Thunder Bay | Ivy Durston | Mi’gmaq

MIKWETC (MERCI | THANKS) | Manawan | Sakay Ottawa et Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé | Atikamekw



Wapikoni mobile

Wapikoni Mobile is an Indigenous non-profit and charitable organization developed in 2004. Their mission is to support and promote the expression and creative talents of Indigenous peoples through short films, music, and XR creative projects; to serve their development through training, coaching, and mentoring; to distribute their works across Canada and around the world; to provide a collective of artists with a space for personal, artistic, and professional development where they can meet, be inspired, identify, and achieve; and, to foster the creation of bridges and encounters in the service of inclusion, diversity, awareness, education, collective responsibility, tolerance, and reciprocity.

At Mobile Wapikoni, artistic creation and excellence serve these Indigenous Peoples narrative sovereignty and the full contributions of Indigenous artists to influence the cultural landscape by reducing systemic barriers to accessibility for Indigenous creators and the public. Their business model focuses on the impact of their services on Indigenous artistic and cultural expression and its significant contribution to social and societal transformations aimed at collective healing, pride in identity, decolonization of opportunities, and better distribution of privileges. Wapikoni has also been an official partner of UNESCO since 2017.


Sakay Ottawa

Sakay Ottawa (pronounced Sagui) has been a singer-songwriter for more than 20 years. Of Atikamekw origin, one of the ten First Nations in Quebec, Sakay is a native of Manawan in the Laurentians region where he lives with his family. Sakay aspires to make his nation and culture known throughout Quebec to build bridges between the old and new worlds. His songs, in the Atikamekw language, plunge us into a world of humanity and spirituality where nature, people, and traditions are one.

© Tanissa Ottawa


Sakay Ottawa – Invited artist for the discussion

edition 2021
Amour et amitié: des récits qui nous unissent
May 20 — 7:30pm
Free - Online
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