Closing Event

To close the 27th edition of Festival Accès Asie, you are invited to come out and celebrate at Parc Lahaie with music and dance! Artists Michelle Jiang and Aurore Liang will introduce you to Peking opera, an elite discipline of Chinese art. In collaboration with the Kabir Center, we also invite you to discover a traditional Bollywood dance show that exudes the joy and wonders of Indian dance with the artist, Amrita Choudhury. Through vibrant rhythms, hand gestures, and body movements, this dance form transports us to a state of exuberance.


These shows will be followed by workshops for the general public so that you can, in turn, take part in the show. No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome. Bring your smile, open your heart, and get ready to dance!


*The workshops will be offered in French only.

edition 2022
Closing Event
May 29 — 2:00pm
Free — Parc Lahaie

Peking Opera

To close the 26th edition of Festival Accès Asie, you are invited to Parc Lahaie to discover Peking opera, an elite discipline of Chinese art. After a brief explanation of this art form, you will have the chance to attend three performances of different styles, interspersed with explanations of each style.

At the end of the performance, spectators are invited to join the artists, through singing and gestures, in order to better decode the secrets of this art.

Bollywood Dance

Amrita Choudhury presents a vibrant traditional Bollywood dance performance that exudes the joy & wonders of Indian dance! Through vibrant rhythms, hand gestures, body movements, this dance form transports one to a state of exuberance.

This performance will be followed by an exciting Bollywood dance workshop for the public in general. No experience necessary, all are welcome.


Aurore Liang

Aurore Liang immigrated to Quebec in 2007. Since 2018, she has been active on the Quebec scene performaning Peking opera. She created the first school of this art in Quebec, where the techniques of this art are taught to both Chinese and to non-Chinese. Its mission is to create a bridge between Chinese and Western cultures.

Michelle Jiang

Michelle Jiang learned Peking Opera at the age of seven in China. In 2009, she received her diploma in interpretation of Peking opera at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts in Beijing, along with a specialty in martial arts. She has already accumulated more than 30 years of experience on stage with this art. Today, she is active in many festivals and teaches this theatrical form at Concordia University and Trésors de Chine in Canada.

Amrita Choudhury

Amrita Choudhury brings more than 30 years of international experience in performance, choreography, and teaching. She specializes in Odissi classical, Bollywood dance, folk dances, Rajasthani, Tribal regional dances, and Modern Indian dance. Amrita graduated from Santiniketan, a school in India founded by the Nobel prize winning poet Tagore, which concentrates on the arts and it’s relation to nature.

Amrita’s intention is to bring the joy of Indian dance to the general public, so most of her workshops are designed for the public at large. Her workshops are a grand invitation to partake in a fun, exciting, vibrant cultural exchange which celebrates the unity within all!

Amrita has worked with various North American, European, and Indigenous dance and music artists, to create bridges between artistic expressions and choreography. She has collaborated with artistic and cultural organizations like Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, TED talks, The Banff Centre for the Arts, and many international festivals. Her choreographic works have been presented in North and South America, Europe, and in Asia. She performs and teaches workshops regularly at festivals, conferences, and for educational institutions.

Amrita uses dance as a powerful tool for inter-cultural dialogue giving voice to the voiceless. Her work also highlights the socio-political, cultural, and spiritual aspects of society focused on marginalized groups/communities, human rights, and women’s issues. Her most well known creations related to these issues are, Sophia’s Resurrection, Shakti Rising: Honoring our Stories, The Bridges of Hope, and Celebrating the Human Spirit.

Amrita offers talks and demonstrations and works in the field of culture and education for educational institutions. She also uses dance and movement as a therapeutic tool, and works in hospitals, health institutions, and for medical professionals.

Amrita holds a degree in Anthropology and has dedicated her life’s work, performance, and research into Indian dance, along with various other global dance traditions. She hopes that through the inter-cultural dialogue of dance, we can continue to reach out and give voice to important issues and create unity between us all.

Her performances and workshops are joyful, inviting, and invigorating.

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Aurore Liang — Peking opera artist and public speaker

Michelle Jiang — Artist

Amrita Choudhury — Dancer 

edition 2022
Closing Event
May 29 — 2:00pm
Free — Parc Lahaie
in collaboration