Short&Sweet x Festival Accès Asie

20 artists, 3-minute performances, these are the only rules! Experience experimental cabaret and dance into the night!


Tickets on-site only: $18 (cash or card payments accepted)

edition 2024
Short&Sweet x Festival Accès Asie
May 31 — 9:00pm
18$ - Sala Rossa


Short&Sweet x Festival Accès Asie follows these simple rules: The twenty invited artists are given carte blanche to present whatever they want, as long as it is under 3 minutes! Any artist going over the allotted time frame is immediately cut off. (This is part of the fun of the event, and many artists integrate getting cut off into their pieces). 

In its unique cabaret form, Short&Sweet is known as a platform for experimentation and a place to take risks in front of an open minded audience. It offers an entertaining and un-intimidating way to sample a wide variety of original and surprising performance works! And Short&Sweet finishes off with a dance party that goes till late!



Wants&Needs Danse

Wants&Needs Danse was created by Andrew Tay and Sasha Kleinplatz in 2004. Their mandate is to: 1) Provide original platforms for dance artists to show their work outside of the confines of the traditional theatre context. 2) Challenge the choreographic process by providing guidelines for creation that compel choreographers to examine their artistic practice. 3) Diversify and broaden the audience for contemporary dance by creating shows which are engaging and unpretentious. 4) Create links between Montreal choreographers and bridge the gaps of language, experience, and dance aesthetics.

Andrew Tay (he)  is the Artistic Director of Toronto Dance Theatre, and Sasha Kleinplatz (they) is the interim Artistic DIrector of Studio 303.


Andrew Tay

Sasha Kleinplatz

Nasim Lootij

Angie Chen

Charles Brecard

Rameez Karim

Leila Marshy

Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch

Charlie Prince

Erika Mitsuhashi

Winnie Ho

Justin de Luna

Peng Hsu

kimura byol lemoine and Kě

Sophie Gee


Alida Esmail

Sona Pogossian

Jade Barshee

Charo Foo

Tai Wei

Lara Oundjian

edition 2024
Short&Sweet x Festival Accès Asie
May 31 — 9:00pm
18$ - Sala Rossa
in collaboration