Life of Uterus

This collaborative project developed by three Iranian-born artists – Khosro Berahmandi, painter; Hadi Jamali, media artist; and Reihan Ebrahim, ceramicist – explores the correlation between the earth, death, and rebirth.


Private Viewing  Friday, May 5, 2023, | 5pm to 7pm | Free


Exhibition April 28 to June 11 | Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 1pm to 7pm – Friday to Sunday 1pm to 5pm

edition 2023
Life of Uterus
May 5 to June 11 — 5:00pm
Free - Maison de la Culture Plateau-Mont-Royal


Earth, as nature’s womb, embraces death, shelters, and nurtures it granting it a new cycle of birth/life. The exhibition offers a contemplative environment that reveals a mythological world and embraces life below and above the earth.

The artists received a grant from CAC to create this project.



Reihan Ebrahimi

Dialogue between the dichotomy of culture and nature. Her work is a poetic exploration of “conscious” and “unconscious” questions about cultural identities and uncertainties of displacement. Her ideas stem from a reciprocal relationship between working with matter and observation and exploring the metamorphic qualities of ceramics materials.

Khosro Berahmandi

The multidisciplinary artist, Khosro Berahmandi, of Iranian origin, arrived in Canada in 1983 at the age of twenty-two. Khosro lives and works in Tiohtia’ke – Montreal.Khosro studied Visual Arts at the University of Concordia in Montreal and the University of Paris VIII. He is a distinguished and prolific artist accomplishing over fifty group and solo exhibitions throughout the past three decades. His career has encompassed projects held in Canada, Europe, and the United States, with an accent upon interdisciplinary creation concerted with an international contingency of artists.

The art of Khosro Berahmandi enacts a microcosmic singularity, one derived from a personal mythology, that echoes the pictorial approach of the iconography of Indo-Iranian miniature painting that constitutes a captivating and prodigious trial within the field of contemporaneous practice. His creative trajectory demarcates an exquisite aesthetic embodied in the perpetual labyrinth of aggregate and enigmatic beings, a semi-figurative “bestiary” which both challenges and fascinates audiences, as predominant aesthetic aspects born of Euro-centrism pale in contrast with his signatory innovations in leitmotif, poetical symbolism, and individual compositional strength.

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Hadi Jamali

Hadi Jamali is a Montreal-based intermedia artist whose research encompasses interactive installation, video, and photography. In 2003 he graduated from Science and Culture University in Tehran, Iran, in Visual Communications. He also received his BFA and MFA in Intermedia Art from Concordia University. Jamali’s research and creation rely on recuperating images, words, sounds, and marginalia from archival or historical documents. His most recent work uses spatialized sound and moving images to examine the link between dominant visual traditions and varying registers of contemporary (dis)location: not only geographic but also cognitive, temporal, and moral.


Reihan Ebrahimi – Ceramicist

Khosro Berahmandi – Painter

Hadi Jamali – Media artist

edition 2023
Life of Uterus
May 5 to June 11 — 5:00pm
Free - Maison de la Culture Plateau-Mont-Royal
in collaboration