Nebulous Rings

After numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe, Khosro offers us his most recent work in an exhibition entitled, “Nebulous Rings” presented as part of Festival Accès Asie.

edition 2010
Nebulous Rings
May 7 — 7:00pm
Galerie MEKIC


‘‘The idea of painting inspires the friendship between the hands
and the infinite airs across a few tools, predicting the destiny.
My hands chase the ripped colors, and the wood deciphers itself
by the madness of the golden lines which want to be the origin of
the destiny.The hidden caves echo within the nebulous rings of our
depth. Suddenly you become the irrigated memory, I, the
extension of the forgottens.’’

Khosro Berahmandi’s new exhibition is a fascinating look at the infinity of details from which emerges a personal mythology, singular and captivating.

An artist of Iranian origin, Khosro Berahmandi, General Manager of Festival Accès Asie, has actively contributed to the cultural life of Montreal over the past 20 years, with his exhibitions and painting workshops.

The artistic universe of Khosro is unique. Symbols from the Orient integrate with a primitive sensuality in the marvel of legendary images. His exclusive style plays with light and darkness using slim golden lines on a background of blackened wood. Inspired by Native American art and the Indo-Iranian tradition of miniature painting, Khosro Berahmandi has developed a singular aesthetic that plunges the spectator into a mesmerizing labyrinth of enigmatic creatures.

A poetic vision to be experienced!



Khosro Berahmandi

Khosro Berahmandi grew up in Tehran, Iran at the end of the 1950’s on the eve of a revolution that carried hope. At a very young age, faced with the complex and violent reality of the post revolutionary Iran, exile for him became inevitable. En route to the Western world, he discovered the sublime beauty of the Sistine Chapel during a stay in Rome, where his desire to paint was born.

Soon after his arrival in Canada, Khosro studied painting at the University of Western Ontario where he met Paterson Ewen one of Canada’s most eminent artists. Ewen, both inspired and encouraged Khosro to pursue painting, leading him to continue his studies at Concordia University in Montreal and then acquire a Master’s degree in Visual Arts at the University of Paris.

Established in Montreal since 1990, Khosro Berahmandi is involved with various artistic communities. He also collaborates with Iranian poets such as Yadola Royal, Hossein Sharang and Bahman Sadighi through his art work.

The most recent of these collaborative works is a book entitled “Le même à l’écart”, published and lunched in the spring of 2009 by Gallery MEKIC.


Khosro Berahmandi – Painter

edition 2010
Nebulous Rings
May 7 — 7:00pm
Galerie MEKIC