The artist-run centre Vidéographe and Festival Accès Asie are coming together to offer Serendipity, a project that spotlights the artistic potential of Asian-origin communities based in Montreal and Quebec.

edition 2016
May 14 — 3:00pm
MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)


This encounter between sound artists and videographers seeks to develop new creations, and promote diverse voices and discourses on image and movement. Musician Huu Bac Quach and pianist Guillaume Martineau will once again be collaborating, honoring us with their presence for this year’s 21th edition. 

Selected artists from the Autumn 2015 call for submissions will also join this special event, along with selected videomakers: Hadi Jamali, Ivetta Kang, Nathalie Lemoine, Daïchi Saïto and Paul Tom. A selection committee has crafted a match of visual artists, sound artists and musicians to create a «blind date» collaboration in single-channel video art and or unedited video installations. A showcase of their final works will be featured in the Festival Accès Asie’s 2017 program.



Huu Bac Quach

A composer-performer born in Vietnam, Huu Bac Quach delivers present-day jazz music, blending Eastern and Western sounds. He began his musical journey at McGill University in Montreal, building a solid foundation in jazz guitar. During his travels, he discovered the Vietnamese monochord (Dan Bau) and the Chinese fiddle (Erhu). His artistic work has been inspired by his globetrotting gatherings, particularly in Peru, pushing him to create a repertoire that fuses traditional and Western contemporary music. He has recorded for the Cirque de Soleil show, Totem, and for Canotgraphie, a show conducted by artistic director Robert Lepage. In 2013, he founded the Huu Bac Quintet, which has toured throughout Québec, Nova Scotia and Ontario.


Guillaume Martineau

With a MA in Classics from McGill University, Guillaume Martineau began his journey as a jazz musician after his encounter with the renowned musician Oliver Jones. He has performed in classic, jazz and film score concerts in the United States, France, Switzerland and Japan. Martineau distinguishes himself as a polyvalent pianist, effortlessly participating in diverse projects from performances in symphonic orchestras to his recording for the motion picture Louis Cyr. He was recently chosen,in the jazz category, for the « Révélation Radio-Canada 2015-2016 » program,providing personalized supportto new and original solo musicians. His first album Par 5 chemins, launched last Autumn, explores atmospheric and cinematographic vibes.


Nathalie Lemoine

(Kimura Lemoine) is a conceptual multimedia feminist artist who works on identities (diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, post-colonialism, immigration, gender), and expresses it with calligraphy, paintings, digital images, poems, videos and photography. Kimura-Lemoine’s work has been exhibited, screened and published internationally (artist’ statement). Kimura-Lemoine is also a designer with extensive and worldwide experience in advertising and print media.

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Paul Tom

Paul Tom is a specialized animation filmmaker and documentary and is also a professional editor. He graduated in communications at l’UQAM and Concordia University in animation. He has directed several short films and documentaries. Recently, Paul has been involved in various cultural mediation projects. He trained many people to use video cameras, audio recorders and video editing software.

Daïchi Saïto

Daïchi Saïto is originally from Japan, Daïchi Saïto currently lives in Montreal, Canada. After studying philosophy in the US and Hindi and Sanskrit in India, he turned to filmmaking in Montreal. He is a co-founder of the Double Negative Collective, a Montreal-based artist filmmaking group dedicated to experimental cinema. Six of his films have been distributed.

Ivetta Kang

Ivetta Kang is a filmmaker born in Korea. She writes and creates her own narratives and
imagery language, using low-fi blur images and sounds as poetic devices of her cinema.
She has been experimenting on superimposed images that evoke the concept of layers of
temporalities of memories and the present with non-linear narrative structures. Her first film, Yeonchak, has been shown at various film festivals including Jeonju International Film Festival and Chennai Women International Film Festival.

Hadi Jamali

His artistic practice began with his involvement as a visual artist in few television projects both
in animation as well as in fiction using drawing and illustration. In addition, he explored graphic
design and photography. Extending the boundary of those experimental works made him entered the realm of video arts and installation to become a multidisciplinary artist. Hadi continued to work with the well-respected organizations as a designer, photographer, videographer and art director, which led him to create and publish videos, posters and books.


Huu Bac Quach – Musician 

Guillaume Martineau – Musician

Nathalie Lemoine – Filmmaker

Paul Tom – Filmmaker

Daïchi Saïto – Filmmaker

Ivetta Kang – Filmmaker

Hadi Jamali – Filmmaker

edition 2016
May 14 — 3:00pm
MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
in collaboration