‘Nippon Shôwa’ Night

Festival Accès Asie is pleased to present the ‘NIPPON SHÔWA’ night featuring the members of TEKE::TEKE, including singer Maya Kuroki and DJ Ginza. An exclusive virtual show where psychedelic pop and rock sounds of 1960s Japan are in the spotlight.

edition 2021
‘Nippon Shôwa’ Night
May 14 — 8:00pm
Free - Facebook Live


Members of TEKE::TEKE invite you to an online evening of their eclectic interpretations of a selection of Japanese songs from the 1960s and 1970s in a cozy and intimate setting.

In the comfort of you livingroom, immerse yourself in the sounds of ‘NIPPON SHÔWA‘ from the instrumental melodies of Takeshi Terauchi, to the melancholic modern Enka-style songs of Meiko Kaji and Miyuki Nakajima, and the modern interpretations of traditional Japanese music.

The show will be broadcast live on Festival Accès Asie Facebook page on May 14, 8 p.m..



Maya Kuroki

Lead singer for Montreal band TEKE::TEKE, half of the experimental electronic duo Tamayugé, improv singer with guitarist Rainer Wiens in Rippleganger, actress, and performance and visual artist.

© Alexis Farand

Serge Nakauchi Pelletier

Lead guitarist and founder of Montreal band TEKE::TEKE, founder of instrumental rock band Pawa Up First, producer, and film and television music composer.

© Maya Kuroki

Hidetaka Yoneyama

Rhythm guitarist with Montreal band TEKE::TEKE, experimental sound musician, Japanese language teacher at the Université de Montréal.

© Marie-Ève Fortin

Mishka Stein

Bass player with Montreal band TEKE::TEKE and with singer songwriter Patrick Watson, session musician, and composer.

© Mikhail Stein

Ian Lettre

Drummer for Montreal band TEKE::TEKE, video artist, session musician, and composer/producer of Montreal’s Latin-rap group Sonido Pesao.

© Ian Lettre

Etienne Lebel

Trombone player with Montreal band TEKE::TEKE and the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, and founder and main composer of the Bulgarian musical group Kutsi Merki.

© Serge Nakauchi Pelletier

Yuki Isami

Flutist, Shinobue and Koto player with TEKE::TEKE. Classical flutist substitute with the Quebec Metropolitan Orchestra, music teacher, and synchronized swimmer.

© Joachim Raginel

Shota Yokose (aka DJ Ginza)

Local musician on the experimental rock and sound scene, and DJ.

©Thomas Boucher


Members of TEKE::TEKE

DJ Ginza

edition 2021
‘Nippon Shôwa’ Night
May 14 — 8:00pm
Free - Facebook Live