Triangle Courbé

The maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal and Festival Accès Asie are pleased to present the dance performance Triangle Courbé, in other words when contemporary dance meets traditional dance. Kim-Sanh Châu, Geneviève Duong and Charo Foo Tai Wei will present personal works followed by an original collective creation. 

edition 2018
Triangle Courbé
May 19 — 7:30am
Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal 465 Avenue du Mont-Royal E


Funeral dance, Kim-Sanh Chaû in collaboration with Mary St-Amand Williamson is a ritual for death. The destructive state, past violence and ancestral memory are the dominant themes in this creation. The dancers focus on the dual relation that the performer creates: the first with a past version of herself and the second with the spectator. Together, they explore the capacity of the performative body, in the frame of the ritual, to become imbued with an energy for the space and the spectator in which is then conveyed back to them, all the while keeping in her core the emotion and the memory of past versions of the dancer. 


When Two Rivers Meet, Geneviève Duong accompanied on violin by Sato Matsui, is an expressive and poetic sensory experience that addresses the resurgence of traces left by the memories of past generations. Geneviève and Sato unite their creative voices according to two perspectives, one linked to memory and the other to interpretation. They use their expressive instruments as a vector for an identity reconstruction process. Their joint reflection is articulated through the phenomenon of cultural ethnicity bequeath to the descendants of immigrant origins. 


Jia Ren Qu/The Beauty Song, by Charo Foo Tai Wei, is inspired by the eponymous poem Jia Ren Qu (The Beauty Song), by the poet Li Ya Nian, written during the Han dynasty hat reigned over China from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D. Charo proposes a reading through traditional Chinese Long=Sleeved dance. 


Bei fang you jia ren                 A rare beauty in the North… 

Jue shi er du li                        She’s the finest lady on earth 

Yi gu qing ren cheng              One glance from her, the city falls 

Zai gu qing ren guo                A second glance leaves the whole nation in ruins 

Ning bu zhi                             There is no city or nation that has been 

Qing cheng yu qing guo         More cherished than a beauty like this 

Jia ren nan zai de



Kim-Sanh Châu

Kim-Sanh Châu is a choreographer and dancer based in Montreal, born in France of Vietnamese origin. Her creations are constantly nourished by these two worlds. She has widely performed and collaborated with renowned artists such as Helen Simard, Sasha Kleinplatz, Mary Williamson St-Amand, and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus. Since 2016, she has done a residency at the Muong Studio (Vietnam), and worked with the company Urban Dance Group (UDG, DanCenter) in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for which she conducted research in creation in Hoa Binh (Vietnam), in 2017. 

Credit Sébastien Faubeau

Mary St-Amand Williamson

Mary St-Amand Williamson has a long history working as an actor, dancer, choreographer, performer, photographer, and sound designer within a multitude of mostly collaborative, co-authored projects. Her solo exhibitions, performances, and photography have been shown and published in Chicago, Guelph, New York, and Toronto. Her previous choreographic work — specifically with Zohar Melinek and supported by the Canada Council & CALQ — was presented in Berlin, Montreal as well as Paris and focused on violence and oppression in relation to national, cultural and gender-based conflict. She has recently worked with visual artists Bettina Hoffmann, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Ray Lavers and Manuel Matthieu and is currently collaborating with choreographer Kim-Sanh Châu, and artists Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau. 

Credit Aurore B. Pictures

Geneviève Duong

Geneviève Duong trained in nursing at McGill University (2009) but turned to professional dance earning a DEC in Danse Interpretation in contemporary dance at l’École de Danse de Québec (2012), Geneviève is now a performer, choreographer, and teacher in contemporary dance, strongly influenced by a desire for cultural mediation. Driven by a desire to anchor her practice from a scientific standpoint, she signed up for a bachelor in Science historique et étude du patrimoine at Université Laval (2017–). Her creations reflect one of her deep concern, that is to say the development of an invested, conscious and compassionate body language through a multidisciplinary spontaneous composition process. She is administrator at RQD (2015–) and L’Artère (2012–).

Credit André Du Bois

Sato Matsui

Born in the quiet town of Chitose in northern Japan, composer and violinist Sato Matsui is a C.V. Starr Doctoral Fellow at The Juilliard School, where she also earned her MM in Composition. As a new tonalist, her compositional style unites Japanese lyricism, urban American individualism, and baroque counterpoint. With a diverse repertoire that encompasses concert, opera, dance, film, and advanced media technology, Matsui’s music has been heard from coast to coast in the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe.

Charo Foo Tai Wei

Trained in modern dance and Chinese traditional dance, Charo Foo Tai Wai arrived in Quebec in 2005 where she trained in contemporary dance at l’École Nationale de Danse de Québec. From 2007 to 2013, she performed in Robert Lepage`s production of The Blue Dragon (Ex Machina) as an actress, dancer, and choreographer. In 2015, she discovered butô dance with Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yumiko Yoshioka, and Rizhome Lee. Since 2010, Foo has traveled around the world giving Chinese dance workshops on top of performing in festivals.

Credit Charo Foo Tai Wei


Kim-Sanh Châu – Choreographer and performer

Mary St-Amand Williamson – Choreographer and performer

Geneviève Duong – Choreographer and performer

Sato Matsui – Composer and violinist

Charo Foo Tai Wei – Choreographer and performer

edition 2018
Triangle Courbé
May 19 — 7:30am
Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal 465 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
in collaboration