For this 29th edition : a message from Artistic Director, Nayla Naoufal

Nayla Naoufal – Artistic Director of Festival Accès Asie – © Caroline Tabet

As we continue to mourn the devastating loss of life and territory caused by genocide, war, and the massive displacement of communities, we turn to art. Not to forget, but to keep breathing, to be together, to listen, to observe.

The artists presented by Festival Accès Asie in May 2024 are generous, daring, attentive, bold, and sensitive. They decompartmentalize practices and imaginations, reinvent forms and narratives, or push them to their limits. 

This 29th edition features artists and curators from across the Asian diaspora, as well as their collaborators. On this Indigenous land where we are guests, this intersectional and embracive program celebrates hope, solidarity, and hospitality. Some of the works examine the memory of bodies and landscapes, while others focus on stories told by the living, waterways, and islands. But all celebrate the joy of being oneself and make room for different ways of seeing the world.

Hand in hand with Festival Accès Asie’s board of directors and team, I wish you a beautiful Asian Heritage Month!

Nayla Naoufal – Artistic Director of Festival Accès Asie

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