Feedback on Festival Accès Asie’s 29th edition

Thank you for participating in the festival during the months of may and june 2024! To celebrate the end of a wonderful season, you can find below some articles and interviews that are going to bring you right back to our 29th edition! 


Mountain Lake PBS | FESTIVAL ACCÈS ASIE celebrates Diversity and Creativity at its 29th edition ! | May 8 2024

Interview with Nayla Naoufal

Le Devoir | Les multiples identités asiatiques à l’affiche du Festival Accès Asie tout le mois de mai  | Article by Marco Fortier, May 2 2024

Ghosts Within – les fantômes qui nous habitent et Jiā 

Sors-tu? | Festival Accès Asie 2024 | Anqi Sun et la dépression politique | Interview with Anqi Sun by Noémie Rochefort, April 24 2024

Les ArtsZé | Voyage culturel: Explorer les horizons artistiques asiatiques | Review by Jacqueline van de Geer, May 13 2024

If My Body had a Name | Entrevue avec Hoor Malas | If My Body had a Name, un solo intime qui questionne | Interview with Hoor Malas, May 3 2024

KinoCulture Montréal | Hoor Malas @ Agora de la danse  | Review by Élie Castiel, May 16 2024

Les ArtsZé | Si mon corps avait un nom | Review by Jacqueline van de Geer, May 16 2024

Radios & Podcasts

CIBL – Sous le radar | Interview with Nayla Naoufal and Hoor Malas, by Ariane Monzerolle | May 10 2024

Canal M-Aux Quotidiens | Interview with Nayla Naoufal by Hélène Denis | May 15 2024

CKUT UpStage | Interview with Andrew Tay by Xander Chung | May 16 2024

CKUT Lesbo sons |Interview with Kama by Nathalie Di Palma | May 20 2024

CKUT Lesbo sons | Interview with Nayla Naoufal by Nathalie Di Palma | May 20 2024

CKUT UpStage | Interview with Hoor Malas by Xander Chung | May 9 2024

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