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A successful Fundraiser

The Fundraiser was a resounding success, all thanks to your generosity! Fundraiser raised 4000$ that will be directly injected in Festival Accès Asie’s 2018 program.

Congratulations to Emile Assaf who just won the magnificent painting “Agate éloignée” by Khosro Berahmandi! Many thanks to our generous donors for supporting Festival Accès Asie’s activities and programs. Your valuable contribution helps promote Asian arts, histories and cultures in Montreal. Bravo to fabulous Alice Tran for your fine animation. Another thanks to MEKIC for providing the venue. Most of all, a HUGE thanks to all those who attended our fundraiser.

Bright days are ahaid of us for this 23rd edition!

Agate éloignée

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Du 2 au 28 mai 2017