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Festival Accès Asie’s fundraising

Agate éloignée

Tuesday November 28th,  2017
5 to 7 PM
Galerie MEKIC
4438 rue de la Roche, Montréal, QC, H2H 3J1

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Call for artist submissions for a residency for production and distribution 


Deadline: Monday November 20th, 2017 at 11:59 pm

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Press release by RésArtE denouncing systemic racism on the unfair allocation of grants by the CALQ:
CALQ Systemic Racism


Festival Accès Asie is participating in the 21st Journées de la culture with two dance workshops!

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The 22nd edition of the Festival Accès Asie came to an end!

The Festival Accès Asie and its Boards of Directors would like to thank the artists of its program, its partners and its sponsors for the huge success of this 22nd edition.

We were happy to share this wonderful 2017 edition with the public. Thank you for your interest in the festival’s events and we hope that the program was an experience full of discoveriessharing, fun, learningemotions and smiles.

Thank you to have celebrated the Asian Heritage Month with us!

Our press review here

©Kiran Ambwani

The 2017 Accès Asie Festival is:

  • 1 year of work
  • 4 weeks of festival
  • 20 activities
  • 1 outdoor event canceled because of the rain
  • 99 artists
  • a public of 3600 people
  • 12 volunteers
  • 3 photographers
  • 2 video makers
  • 2 interns
  • ONE golden team
  • lots of energy
  • and as much pleasure!
  • and only 3 errors in our program booklet…

We wish you all a wonderful summer and see you next year!

Du 2 au 28 mai 2017