National Digital Strategy

Calling all Asian Canadian Artists!

We need your input to take the Asian Canadian National Digital Strategy to the next level. 

We’re in the initial stages of developing a new national digital strategy to benefit Asian Canadian artists. Our goal is to increase your visibility, help you connect with other artists and make it easy for producers and promoters to diversify their programming. 

But how should we go about this? That’s where you come in.

This project is for you, so we’d invite you to get in on the ground floor. We want to hear from you to ensure the National Digital Strategy will reflect your needs and ideas.

The first step? 167 of you participated in a Canada-wide survey of Asian Canadian artists in July. Thank you!

The next step? If you weren’t one of those 167, we need to hear from you! Please complete a very quick mini-survey: 5 questions, 3 minutes.


Are you a producer, promoter, arts professional or cultural worker? Whether you already work with Asian Canadian artists or not, we want to learn from you as well! Tell us what we need to do to make it easy for you to discover and connect with the fabulous talent that’s out there.


Together, we can build something that will make a difference to Asian Canadian artists and Canadian audiences, from coast to coast.

The Asian Canadian National Digital Strategy is an initiative of Festival Accès Asie. Consultation results will be presented at the 2nd National Asian Heritage Month Symposium, to be held online on September 10-13, 2020.


Farah Fancy
National Digital Strategy Project Lead and 2nd National Asian Heritage Month Symposium Project Manager
[email protected]
(+1) 514 919.2775

National Digital Strategy Project Consultant : Michelle Sullivan Communications